Zeb Dennis gets things started off right with a fucking banger and doesn’t let up much for the rest of the video. I haven’t heard of this dude before or Krusher for that matter, but if they keep this up I’m sure they will become a staple.

“Krusher BMX would like to welcome Zeb Dennis to the pro team. Between Zeb being a professional motocross racer and I running a business and working full time, we found time to make this happen. Filmed throughout South Western Ontario, Canada during the summer and fall of 2014. Thanks to Steven Moxley & Mitch Radcliffe for the tours in their cities.
Filmed by: Josh Macdonald
Additional Filming by: Greg Stephens, Mitch Radcliffe & Rob Longpre
Editing by: Josh Macdonald
Music by: Canned Heat – Going Up The Country
Zeb would also like to thank his other sponsors, Sleek Apparel, Broken Boards, New Era, and Fitted Krew.”