Damn, this sucks. Yumingrow has left Horiegumi and they have officially disbanded…I’ll let you get the rest straight from the horses mouth…

“About 5 years ago, I met Yumi at Horie beach in Ehime-Prefecture, Japan.
From that day we rode and shred time all day.
The secound year, Yumi said he wants to make a crew and thats the beginning of HORIEGUMI.
When I saw his riding I had a big impact on me and got images and ideas for filming.
So I bought a used TRV900 immediately and started filming at the beach side and the city of Ehime.
And I had been making a lot of HORIVIDEOS.
Now I moved to Tokyo with Yumi, and I made lots of videos as a video production for 
Alive, Fit, Merritt and Monster with Yumi, Pegy and OSO.
Unfortunately Yumi has decided to leave HORIEGUMI.
Because he wants to forcous riding as a professional rider and to do what best for himself.
So we have decided to break up.
I will going to start a new video project with Pegy and with our friend in all over the world.”

– Daisuke