The crew up in Minnesota have been putting in work for a full-length video for a while now, and it looks like after a few changes they’re on track to drop this one next month! Originally it was going to be called “MN Nice”, but the video is now going to be released as “Yeah, We Know”, likely due to people saying the video was expected to be out by now. Hit play to check out this promo to give you a taste of what’s to come. Like they say, good things take time and this should qualify for that rule!

Long story short, this is the promo to the previously titled video “MN Nice”.
Why the title change you ask! Well to that I say why not a title change? Why not delay it another couple of months than previously stated? Why not shoot the entire video SD?

Anyway here is the final promo, the video is nearly finished. It WILL be released January of 2019 with parts from Derek Strong, Ethan Schmidt, Michael Hart, Eugene Serrato, Kyle Mileski, Mark Schlegel and many more.” – Eugene Serrato