This contest looked fucking crazy.  The XSA Invitational in Sochi Russia and with American riders like Kevin Peraza, Larry Edgar, Pat Casey mixing it up with insanely talented Russian riders, you already know shit got buck.  Here is the official video, complete with the bangers, bible burning, and all the after party/award antics.

“Here is the official video of the greatest event by XSA ( our team BMXASHKA had the opportunity to see live. Damn it, guys, it was sick! The biggest impression was made by Larry Edgar. This dude left us speechless and we were like “How is this possible?”. We can't even describe how insane he was.

Of course we were happy to see Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza, and it was amazing to meet Ryan Fudger who is literally showing the whole BMX scene to the world with the help of RideBMX mag. We were super stoked to see Catfish, who was able to get everyone pumped up and excited, even in a foreign language. All of this shows that there no “non-native” BMX, we’re all united, we’re one family!

It’s necessary to pay tribute to guests, who gathered to Russia from all around the world, we appreciate their bravery and we are excited to see the numbers grow. We’re happy to meet everyone and this is our Russian mentality – "the more the merrier."

We want to thank everyone who was able to come to Sochi from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as well. Without you, this celebration wouldn’t have been such an amazing and beautiful event. It was nuts!

And, of course, thanks to XSA. You, guys, make history of BMX in Russia and, as we can see, our history is starting to combine with the entire history of BMX, the history of BMX for the whole world. We hope that XSA Invitational is just the beginning of our exciting future in a big HISTORY called BMX.

Filmed and edited by Valentin Shmayunov (@shmayunov)”

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