After just dropping their 1998 Project video a few months ago, Primo hardly let a day go by before they got busy working on their follow up, Midnight Creatures. As the name implies, this nocturnal opus features street riding antics from the Primo team, including Stephan August, Yumi Tsukuda, Connor Keating, Andy Garcia, Chase Dehart, Hobie Doan, Stevie Churchill, Rich Hirsch, along with clips from homies Michael Harkous, Nate Richter, Ayden Shea, Greg Ohmer, and Phil Arellano. We caught up with most of the dudes the night of the premiere to get their words on Midnight Creatures.

DVDs will be out in a couple weeks—shooting for the last week of February and they'll come with the second issue of Process magazine. There will also be some big Yumi posters that will come with orders to most places, as well.

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