The Word crew put out this sixteen minute promo for their next video named “Five”. Even though this is labeled as a promo it is basically a video of it’s own and features some great riding from a ton of riders from all over the world….

“Appetizer for Word Five
Jordan Stump, Rob DiQuattro, Kid, Ryan Metro, Shane Scott, Jacob Hinton, Joe Dobyns, Tmac, Mark Hobbs, Phil Bossmeyer, Damian Racut, Luca DeMarco, Scott Marceau, Ray Render, Pugwash, Sped, Wayne Russell, Cain Martin, Andreas White, Jim Bossmeyer, Marc Reschke, Valentin Hansen, Eric Herschke, Dario DeMarco, Street Dave, Gabriel Reynolds, Erik Elstran, Alex Donnachie, Kole Grove, Mitch Doran, Taylor Stull, Elf, Bobby Simmons, Diego Parisi, Heath Owens, KDD, Chris Saunders, Tommy Gunn, Ryan Niranonta, Tyer Scriber, Kevin Joiner, Chris Kowaleski, Cameron Sanders, Bobby Snow, Dalton Trent, and Nay Wade
AZ – The Format
Yo La Tengo – Today is the Day
KRS-One – The MC
Action Bronson – Night Court
Valerie June – The Hour
Coyotes in the Room – Vacancy
EOP Goon Squad – Take a Dab and Get High
Curren$y – 1800-Rap Hustlers”