Over the ages the plight of winter weather has pushed many riders in to their garages in hopes of getting in a session.  But Justin Schwanke wasn’t content with just pumping back and forth between his ramps, with a vision of innovation he turned his mundane garage sessions into a true spectacle.  If you’re into highly creative riding mixed with tech skills, click play now!

“I like to think my riding is more creative than Ramones lyrics. But whatever man. I don’t care.


Silly “tricks”… I don’t care.
Indoor clips and nothing else… I don’t care.
Three pegs and only used two… I don’t care.
Bar grinds, but no trick stick grinds… I don’t care.
A gyro and front brakes… I don’t care.
Two quarterpipes, but never air them… I don’t care.

FILMING: Justin, Colin, and Thomas.
EDITING: Justin.
MUSIC CREDIT: The Ramones- I Don’t Care.”