It’s safe to say by now you have probably seen some footage from Jarren Barboza since he’s been making some waves for a year or two now. Jarren has been doing it for Volume for a while now, but today we get a look at his welcome video and it’s an absolute BANGER. If you aren’t familiar with Jarren, this video will definitely get him on your radar! Expect to see plenty more of him in the near future!

Jarren has been a part of the Volume family for a good bit now, and were proud to finally get out a proper video for him. Soft spoken, very clean, stylish on and off the bike, and just an all around good dude to be around. Jarren Barboza has bright future ahead of him and were proud to welcome Jarren officially to the AM team. Expect a lot more from this man in the future.

Filmed by Josh Clemens and Mike Mastroni
Edited by Josh Clemens

Song: Outkast- myintrotoletuknow
” – Volume