Volume Bikes – The Finer Things – Zach Krejmas Section

It’s hard for me not to sound biased here, since Zach Krejmas is one of my closest friends. But I’m also a huge fan of his riding. Zach’s unique bag of tricks paired up with clever spot use and topped off with great style makes him a genius in the street riding book of “less is more.” And his section from Volume‘s The Finer Things is his best chapter yet.

“During filming this part, Krejmas held down full time positions as Vital videographer to now full time RideBMX videographer. Ever the hard worker, Zach still managed to come on a few trips and stack the weekend clips little by little in order to come thru will a full section for the DVD. I've always been such a huge fan of Zach's riding from his early days in Long Beach all the way till the present. The one thing that's always fascinated me about Zach is his timeless ability to see all the potential the world in little everyday humps and bumps around town, which most people in Southern California wouldn't even consider to be spots. A "setup rider" if you will, Zach is true testament to how limitless street riding really is, and how much of a picture you can really paint by just taking a deeper look at your surroundings. In short, Krejmas' world begins at your doorstep. Enjoy!” --Volume

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