We have seen a lot of wild riding go down at The Village the past few years, but this new Viltape video Brock Horneman put together is packed with a ton of amazing riding. This video features a ton of riders who bring a real deep bag of tricks and different styles to the table. If you’re looking for some dialed ramp riding, this is one video you can’t pass up. Hit play for riding from Brock Horneman, Josh Dove, Jay Black, Marty Rech, Kyle Fletcher, Lachlan Krikwwod, Matty Ballis and more!

The VILTAPE has been a little project of mine to challenge myself with filming and editing as well as it would be super fun to make along the way with all the homies. Allot of long battles filming but after a solid 8-10 months filming its done! Cant thanks all the homies enough for all the effort they put into filming its really made this such a fun experience. Shout out to Chris Courtenay for letting us Filming after hours and also for filming allot as well!

everything was filmed on my iPhone 7 or my iPhone X with Moment Lens’s for phone.” – Brock Horneman