Video: Terry Adams Bike Check

Check out Terry Adams’ whip above and below…

Terry’s bicycle…

Frame: Flatware Waltz- 18.9 (signature frame)
Bars: Hobby Bars (signature bars)
Grips: Cuff Links (signature grips)
Underwear: Freegun (signature underwear)
Fork: Flatware (Min offset)
Stem: Flatware 28mm
Seat: Odyssey Senior 2 (pivotal) Moded under the handhold for better grip
Cranks: Thunderbolt 160mm
Sprocket: Rhode Island 22T
Brake: Evo 2 (front only)
Brake Lever: Odyssey Monolever (med)
Pedels: Odyssey Twisted PC, just got a fresh pair…
Wheels: Gsport Birdcages, laced to- Flatware Vandero 2 front hub/ German female FC rear