World's Best Skate and BMX Pros Converge on Venice Beach to Launch

Sony's New POV Action Cam With a Triples Competition on ASA's Massive 195-Foot-Long Ramp 

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 22, 2012) – Thousands of fans took to the iconic Venice Beach boardwalk today to watch 18 of the world's best BMX and skateboarding pros compete in the Sony Big Air Triples — a collaboration between ASA Entertainment and Sony Electronics designed to launch Sony's new point-of-view video camera – the Action Cam. 

James Foster (BMX) and Trey Wood (Skate) each secured first place, taking out the competition by throwing down the most mind blowing three consecutive tricks in quick succession, displaying skill and style on the 195-foot-long Big Air Triples course: a massive 26' high roll-in ramp with two 25' wide jumps and a course-ending 14' high quarter pipe.  Wood took the skate contest based on his overall consistency, trick variety and amplitude. The highlight was the finger flip to sack tap that he just learned this morning.  Foster topped the BMX competition by landing a flip-whip to barspin, barspin to truckdriver.

"ASA's format is definitely unique and pushes the riders to a whole different level, especially when the world's top guys compete head-to-head and have to pull their hardest tricks," said first place BMX rider, James Foster. "Having Sony's new Action Cam support us was awesome.  The angles and footage from these cameras are amazing.  It's so great they put the event on."

Zack Warden (BMX) and Tom Schaar (Skate) each took fan favorite in the Sony POV Action Cam Competition – where fans judged the athlete videos filmed with Action Cams – while Morgan Wade (BMX) and Adam Taylor (Skate) took the judged POV filming competition.

The BMX contest ended with James Foster in first, Vince Byron in second, and Austin Coleman and Zack Warden tied for third.  Trey Wood, Tom Schaar and Andy Macdonald placed top three in skate.

"I really like this contest format. Plus, it was so fun skating this ramp with all my friends," said Trey Wood, who took first in the skate contest. "It's awesome that Sony supports the event and the Wi-Fi capabilities on the Action Cam are really cool." 

In addition to the Triples and Sony POV Action Cam contests, fans experienced meet and greets with pros and test-drove the new Action Cam in Sony's Extreme Zone. The ultra-compact, wearable camera displays Sony's industry-leading image quality, optimal for action sports filming in premium full HD 1080p. Weighing in at approximately three ounces, with battery and built-in Wi-Fi®, the new Action Cam (HDR-AS15) is the perfect shooting solution for tricks on the ramp and anywhere else the action happens.  The camera ships with adhesive mounts and a ruggedized waterproof case featuring a universal tripod mount, built to handle extreme environments – waterproof down to 197 feet with shock resistance, plus dirt and dust resistant seals.

ASA Entertainment will produce a one-hour television show about the Sony Big Air Triples that will premiere on Fox Sports Net on Friday, Nov. 23 at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. The participating pros will serve as narrators of the docu-drama style show, telling the behind the scenes stories of the event in their own words, and providing viewers unique insight into their personalities and access to their tricks through the Sony Action Cam. 

For more information, please visit www.bigairtriples.com or www.ASAentertainment.com