“When I was growing up riding in New Mexico I remember driving my small S10 pick up maxed out with bikes and homies headed everywhere and anywhere we could find to ride. While growing up we were known as the Lunas boys when we would roll to ABQ, there was a couple of bike crews for ABQ not being that large. You had us the Lunas boys, the Los Altos grom’s, Santa Fe heads and Cruces heads and lastly but not to be forgotten in the slightest was them ‘RANCHO THUGS”. I sound like a damn Bone Thugs song right now but if you ever watched any “Shine” or “Shook” videos you will know these names of these two guys. Vidal Vigil and Gilbert Montoya have been killing the streets harder than anyone I know and longer then most have even been riding, whats crazy though is these guys are still so on point for being at for man years and can hang with the best no doubt. 

The last clip on this as well is paying a bit of homage to a split video coming up that Gil and I are working on for Animal so keep your eyes peeled for that coming out soon and maybe Gil will be killing even bigger setups!

Filmed by
Matson Hunter
Alex Gonzales
Mario Carrasco”