Tony Neyer truly earned the title of “rail slayer” for his signature Verde frame promo.  This is five minutes of straight rail HAMMERS.  Seriously wild shit, don’t miss it.

“The Verde Neyer Limited promo documents pro BMX street rider Tony Neyer's pursuits as he puts his signature frame to the test. Both the Neyer Limited frame and this edit took years to deliver. Enjoy as Tony and his crew as they take it to the streets. Starring Tony Neyer, Thee Homies, Aaron Brenner, and Augie Simoncini.

Filmed by: Miles Roguish, Aaron Brenner, Will Stroud, Tony Ennis, Ty Morrow, Zack Krejmas, Garrett Reynolds, Corey Martinez, Chris Bracamonte, Tom Villarreal, Rocco Giuseppe, and Tony Neyer.

Edited by:
Will Stroud

Animation by:
Marco Cardenas
Instagram — @verdebmx”