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Volume three of Vans‘ Palmistry Guide sees Nicolas Badet, Benoît Gea, Tom Deville and Kilian Roth take on Thailand. This isn’t your average clip after clip hardcore street edit, so get comfortable and enjoy the sights and sounds of southeast Asia.

“The Kingdom of Thailand has been the new playground for our riders for the third chapter of The Palmistry Guide.

This year Alexandre Valentino and four BMX Vans riders Nicolas Badet, Benoît Gea, Tom Deville and Kilian Roth, escorted by Winai Khampheethoon their local guide, will take them from Bangkok to Lopburi. First shocks, the heat and humidity that will have to be tamed. First meetings, the riders of a skatepark in Bangkok. Here, not everyone speaks English, but BMX is a universal language. ‘Thailand has been an incredible experience, a real cultural clash, and now we understand why it’s called the land of smiles’, says Alexandre Valentin.”

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