Vans BMX Team Race in Phoenix, AZ

I’m not going to lie, I love watching top freestylers race…plenty of today’s top riders have some sort of background in racing and the new video from Vans is exactly that. Cory Nastazio walks you through the Vans BMX team’s recent race in Phoneix, Arizona:

The Vans BMX team hits the road for a little BMX racing action in Phoenix, Arizona. With a gate full of dirt jumpers and ramp riders, the squirrelly racing action lasts the whole lap with a post-race play-by-play from Cory Nastazio. Look for 8-Mile to take a digger on the first straight and Cranmer try to pimp Nasty in the first turn. Gary Young nearly steals the show, but Nasty-Dog takes the high-line and blows right by him in the last turn. Gary Young, Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, Scotty Cranmer and 8-Mile are already training for the re-match in 2013. Music: The Puke Brothers “Duke”