Vans’ In The Chair Rider Spotlight: Ty Morrow

A dentist's chair isn't normally where a BMX interview would take place, but Vans found it fitting for their latest episode of "In The Chair" with Ty. Ty talks about riding for Vans, skateboarding, progression in BMX, and you get to see his dentist poking around in his mouth and hear the soothing sound of a drill. Hey, just what you wanted to get psyched to go ride! Oh yeah, Ty's Ride BMX interview is in the upcoming May/June issue, so consider yourself warned...

"In the latest episode of In the Chair, we follow Pro BMX rider Ty Morrow to the dentist’s office to hear about how he bounced back from a head injury and his cross-country move!"

"Vans' In the Chair Rider Spotlight is a new video series that gives viewers an inside look into the lives of their favorite Vans riders. The series features interviews with Vans team riders while they go about their daily lives – from driving a car to jumping out of an airplane – from getting a tattoo to a haircut and shave, In the Chair takes you behind the scenes into the lives of some of the most talented athletes in action sports today."