Another amazing interview for The BMX In Our Blood Podcast! For the 50th episode, Joe Doherty caught up with Van Homan to talk about everything from contests and jams to his perspective on BMX, moving to Japan for the Olympics, sponsors, traveling and much, much more! This one is 20 minutes shy of 3 hours long, so this is definitely a lengthy one, but well worth the listen. Hit that play button!

Van Homan The BMX In Our Blood Podcast BMX

Van Homan as my 50th episode! For this occasion @nuno_oliveira (of Odyssey) did a special podcast announcement using gold to honor the 50th episode, I am truly honored that Nuno has helped with the podcast graphics as well as @brianiarocci with the website! Anyway, 2 more episodes and I’ll have 52 weeks straight of interviews! So back to Van, he has been so passionate, diverse and talented for years. And he just won the BMX Legend NORA Cup! In this episode Van talks about his big move to Japan for the next two years to work for Tokyo 2020 in preparation for BMX in the Olympics. What a great choice. Van continues to kill it on the bike at 38 years old and works as a judge at UCI and other events around the world. We also talk about the success of the Uncovered BMX series this past winter with @bkachinsky For these reasons and more I believe Van will do an awesome job helping steer the ship for Olympic Freestyle and ultimately get more kids on bikes due to the huge Olympic exposure. Wish Van all the best as he takes on this job that gives him a great opportunity to use his experience with BMX to do the best he can. With over 25 years in the sport, I’m sure Van will do a great job. Please support Van’s sponsors that support him and the sport!
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” – Joe Doherty

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