Ben Gordon has been riding for United for a few months now, and he has been going to work stacking clips since then for this new welcome video! Ben is no stranger to putting his pegs to work and doe just that on every rail and ledge he came across, along with sending it on some heavy drops and gaps. Get on that play button and watch as Ben slays spots to make it official for United.

Our new northern shredder Ben Gordon (As seen in the second instalment of No Foreign Lands) was added to the team end of last year. Ben comes through with his welcome edit here and doesn’t disappoint.

Welcome to the team!

Filmed by

Thaddeus O’callaghan
George Clarke
Danny Crook
Sam Jones
Toby Richards
Harry Turner
Corey Holdgate
Nathan Warrington
Callum Bibby
Mike Curley

Edited by Mike Curley