In part two of Tyler’s cross-country trek to his new home, he says goodbye to his little brother, hits a couple parks in Chicago, and has a few snags in Denver, but still manages to kill it the entire way through.


Check part one of Tyler’s Trip…

“The time has come — 18-year-old Tyler Fernengel is barreling into what will surely be an amazing pro BMX career (considering the amazing things he’s already done on his bike), and he’s made the decision to move west in favor of endless sunny days and amazing riding spots. In the second installment of his coming-of-age roadtrip above (watch part one here), Tyler says goodbye to family and friends in Michigan, packs up the moving truck, and hits the road.

“Everybody’s supportive of Tyler moving,” says his mom Michelle. “We’re all going to miss him, but everybody understands that [California] is where he needs to be.”

After putting some road miles in, Tyler stops in Chicago to stretch his legs, meet up with Brian Kachinsky and film a few clips at a local park, then it’s off to Denver. After sessioning a couple of amazing parks there, it’s back in the truck for the next leg, with Salt Lake City on the horizon.

Stay tuned for part three on Friday, August 22. In the meantime, follow Tyler on Instagram and Red Bull Bike on Twitter.”