Trey Turner rolled over 30,000 followers on Instagram, so he figured it would be a good time to celebrate with a new edit! Here’s a look at a bunch of dialed footage from street and skatepark sessions! As always, Trey puts his pegs to heavy use and his hang five and hang nothing skills are beyond dialed! Check it!

So once I hit 29k on Instagram , I felt like I should do something awesome as I got closer to 30k. I decided to start filming a edit and once I got close to 30k then I would drop the video . I probably worked on this video for about a month , filming all around Cincinnati and the surrounding areas we call Ohio . I put my heart into every trick in this video and I definitely tried to one up a bunch of variations I have did in the past . Filled with nbds and cool tricks from various street spots and parks , I give you, my 30k video ! Enjoy ! Music : Tokyo Drift 2 by Beat Zera, I do not own the rights to this music!!” – Trey Turner