While on a cross country journey from Austin to Chicago this past February, I paid Corey Martinez a visit at his home in Nashville, Tennessee for a much needed bit of rest. For some entertainment while we ate a delicious Southern style breakfast (thanks again Corey), he popped in a DVD called “Stink Pit.” Martinez quickly ran down the basics of the video, noting that while it did feature a great section from the more well known Eric Capone, the rest of the video was equally as impressive despite the lack of household names. And while the bloodied tampon at the beginning of the DVD nearly made me regurgitate all of the food back onto my plate, I really enjoyed the video. There’s a certain vibe existent in a good local scene video that is nearly impossible to find in a large scale, polished production, and oftentimes, I find myself rooting for the riders in a sense.

It was an interesting dichotomy sitting there watching the video with Corey. When watching a section from Martinez, you expect to be blown away by the technical progression. While you can never predict exactly what he’s going to do, you do know that whatever he has decided to release is going to be personally progressive and also progressive for BMX in general. While watching a local scene video, you simply don’t know what is going to happen. There’s a sort of wild energy that conveys through the screen and when a rider pulls something they’ve been sweating for a while in front of his buddies and their camera, and it’s easy to get just as stoked as they are while watching. Stink Pit delivers in this manner multiple times over. You can tell they had a blast making the video and it really shines through on the screen. If you’ve got a bit of time to spare, I’d definitely recommend pressing play on this one. Great riding, good soundtrack, and good vibes. Can’t wait to see more from the Stink Pit crew in the future.