Rickey Bates just got bumped up from the Shadow flow team to the Shadow pro team and to help welcome him to the family, Shadow just dropped this video featuring as many roof drops and security guard run-ins as you’ve come to expect from Rickey.

This is from theshadowconspiracy.com:

“The Shadow Conspiracy would like to welcome Rickey Bates to the family.

As wild as Rickey may appear through the Banned videos and the legendary Casselberry trails stories, in real life he is one of the most laid back and respectful friends you could have.

Rickey started out testing, abusing, and torturing products for us over four years ago. He then moved up on to the Flow Team, and now today we are proud to announce that he’s being bumped up to the Shadow Pro Team.

I know I can speak for the entire Shadow crew that we all welcome him to the family, and we can’t thank him enough for always having our backs!” – Ron Bonner