The Central Florida area has always had a great BMX scene, and the SPoT has been going strong for years now; helping keep their community rolling. For this week’s Monday Edit Brett Rohlfing met up with a bunch of the park locals and put together this mix of quirky and original riding.

“The Skatepark of Tampa allows bikes in on Wednesdays and on Sunday evenings. The Sunday evening sessions are somewhat short, but the locals manage to pack a ton of riding into their time. Riders of all different ages, styles, and skill levels show up to ride the park that is so legendary in skateboarding. Despite the wide cross section of attendees, everyone seems to get along. The issue of cliques and attitudes that divide some parks seem to be absent here. So take a peek at this Sunday session at SPoT, and if you are ever in the area, don’t hesitate to stop by.” -Brett Rohlfing

Video by Brett Rohlfing.
Music: So Pastel, “Situationalist”