Here are two new teasers for The Hunt official entries. This contest is turning out to be sick!

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“So much rage in this teaser—I love it. Chris Gille goes hard around the Inland Empire putting his pegs and barspins to work. Some awesome spots, and some amazing riding to match. Can’t wait to see this full part, it’s going to be nuts. In the meantime this is what they sent us as a little preview…” -The Hunt

“The Embassy crew teamed up to put out this insane Dillon Lloyd video part. We got a sneak peak of the full length and it’s pretty nuts to say the least. If you are a handrail in Canada, run and hide…run and hide. There is at least one Pro-Tec Progression Impression Best Trick nomination in here, and probably a Monster Energy Best Line nomination as well. Love the vibe that this teaser puts out.” -The Hunt