“The Glory Hole is a 30’diameter spillway pipe (approx. 700ft. in length) that comes down off Lake Berryessa, near Winters, Calif. It’s a massive, perfectly transitioned, ridable full-pipe, that is sought after by just as many, as the infamous Baldy full-pipe down in Southern, Calif. The only difference between the two is that the Glory Hole is a little more challenging to get to. Not only do you have to hike several miles, but you then have to take a raft ride down the river to get to it as well. If your lucky enough and make it that far without taking a spill, the pipe is then all yours to ride.

ESPN video contributor, Chris McMahon recently made the trek out to the Glory Hole with riders, Mike Jonas, Wes Rhoe, Kurt Russell and John Ivers. (This) edit is footage of them riding the full-pipe and all the hoops they jumped through to get there.” -ESPN