Nearly nine minutes of peg annihilation from on of the grittiest and most grind happy teams in BMX. Its pretty astonishing how much amazing footage they came back with from one trip, get comfortable because you do not want to miss this one.

The Daily Grind crew are no strangers to road trips in search of street spots. Over the past few years they have hit up spots all over the East and West Coasts and plenty in between. They recently decided to load up and head East to North Carolina to see just what the state had to offer for street spots. Although North Carolina is primarily known for Greenville in the BMX world, it’s safe to say this place has some amazing street spots, too. Check out 9 minutes of heavy footage from Zack Gerber, Dan Conway, Troy Merkle, Tony Cherry, Scott Steele, Jon “Gremlin” Bechtold, Mike Vitatoe and Grant Ueberroth who put in some serious work during their visit.

Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry

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