The Daily Grind recently threw a sweet street jam in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and killed a bunch of spots from big rails to tiny sub boxes.

“When The Daily Grind throw a street jam, you know there’s going to be some wild riding, Zack Gerber yelling hilarious stuff on the megaphone, probably a few cops and more wild riding. The crew recently rolled through Cincinnati, Ohio and threw a big street jam with Troy Merkle, Zack Gerber, Vince Smith, Jason Govan, Scott Steele, Jamie Thayer, Linwood “Bosshog” Monk, Dan Conway, Mike Vitatoe and a TON of the locals all cruising the streets.

Check out highlights from the different spots they cruised, product toss, foot down, broken ankles, Linwood taking a break next to a building and more!

Filmed and edited by Tony Cherry “