Team Freestyle just dropped this DOPE mixtape of footage compiled from 2012-2015.  Front and rear brake tech, tight pool transitions, and bangers from the skateparks to the streets, this edit is definitely worth your time.  Catch clips from Mark Rubio, Corey Furmage, Chris Furmage, our very own Zach Krejmas, and many more.

“Featuring footage from throughout 2012-2015, filmed mostly around the High Desert/Apple Valley of CA. Thank you for watching! Stay tuned! 🙂
Starring: Joey Wiese, Mark Rubio, Corey Furmage, Mike Guilmette, Austin Weigle, Alex Rubio, James Arneson, Chris Furmage, Zach Krejmas, Genesis Apostol, Kyle Ganley, Scot Knatt, Patrick Phillips, John Estela, Andrew Coleman, Logan Scroggins, Erik Nilsen, Alex Mayer, Jake Muras and Austin Allen.


Classified – It Ain’t Over
Pato Banton – Groovin”