Justin Benthien put together this mix of riders from Denver, NJ, Long Beach, and ABQ featuring lots of dope street riding and grinds. Im definitely looking forward to volume two of this project now…

“Tapeblender is exactly as it sounds, just a blend of tapes that my friends and I have shot. Filming for a second mix in the works.

Riding: Collin Post, Justin Benthien, Mike Meister, Chris Andrijiw, Anton Zamora, George Gustafson, Taylor Bonds, Dan Nielsen, Eric Marion, Dean Watson, Adrian Vigil, Tremaine Stewart, Josh Dunn, Dustin Arp, Kyle Rohling

Filming: Justin Benthien, Anton Zamora, Dustin Arp, Jacob Lowe, Collin Post

Edit: Justin Benthien

Locations:Denver, NJ, Long Beach, ABQ”