Subrosa coming through with a dialed video from the trip to Iceland and Barcelona, Spain that Jabe Jones took over the summer! This video gives us a look at what Jabe and Bjarki Hardarson got into for spots, along with a few clips from Joris Coulomb. This has a super good vibe, awesome riding and great spots. Definitely one video you won’t want to pass up!

The first thing Subrosa rider Jabe Jones did when he graduated High School was hit the road to Europe!

He stopped off in Iceland to hang out with and pick up his homie Bjarki Hardarson. They shredded the streets of Iceland for a few days and headed for Barcelona.

The goal of the trip was simple. Have fun, ride bikes, and just be down for whatever!

Look for a couple guest clips from Subrosa pro Joris Coulomb also!

Jabe Jones/ @jabejones
Bjarki Hardarson/ @bjarkihardarson

Jabe Jones
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