Jono Hopping went to WORK to promote the new Subrosa Battle Fork II!  Jono holds it down with an array of style, and speed through the streets of New Zealand, Arizona and more.  So many good/creative moves in this, and with Bobby Kanode holding down lens/editing duties, you already know it’s a visual treat.

“Jono Hopping went in for his latest edit to promote the new Subrosa Battle Fork II’s!

This one was filmed around the world from his home in New Zealand to the U.S. and Jono finds some amazing spots and slays them all!

The over pegs with the HUGE drop is insane!

I love Jono’s style, his outlook on riding, and the fact he simply just has a good ass time on his bike riding anything!

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Film & Edit Bobby Kanode

Additional Filming
Matt Allures
Josh Metzger
Eric Bahlman

“Time After Time””