South Jersey is bringin’ it to you raw and uncut.  Check out riding from Drew Quinlan, Jd Whitehead, Chris Girouard and Chase Dehart riding their local cuts which happens to include on the dopest indoor pool setups I’ve ever seen.

“This week we rode some local street and hit some pools. Nothing but nonstop fun!

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Raw Life is a series of videos being put out on a weekly basis. These videos will mainly consist of Bmx riding around the South Jersey Area. The Bmx footage you will be seeing is stuff that we would be doing off camera anyway; we pull out the camera and whatever we capture we put up! (A lot of bro cam footage) Meanwhile we will be saving our favorite/best footage for a Bmx Full Length Film I will be releasing later this year.

This Week Features:
Drew Quinlan
JD Whitehead
Chris Girouard
Brian Sweeney
& Chase Dehart”