Sean Morr is the first up in Stolen‘s new weekly video series. It only makes sense that Sean would be the first up since he has been on the team as long as I can remember. We had a bunch of footage sitting around with no home and we went out to grab a few other clips and came up with this quick video. Sean is a powerhouse with really good spot and trick selection which makes his riding super entertaining. Click play and get into it.

“Stolen Saturdayz is a weekly video series presented by Stolen Brand.
Long Beach transplant Sean Morr presents the first of our Stolen Saturdayz edits. Be on the look out for our weekly mid-day Saturday youtube drop.
Rider: Sean Morr – @sean_morr
Filmer: Grant Castelluzzo – @grantcbmx
Music: Vinay VFRESH Shah @vfreshmusic”

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