I’m honestly in awe of how much footage Steven seemingly clocks and maybe he was ready for a bit of a departure, because the trailer for his latest video, Can I Live?, is 3:30 of solid roasting from one end of the country to the next. Here’s what Steven sent over to me about Can I Live?:

“Just thought I’d share it with you incase it is something you are interested in. The trailer features Ted Van Orman, Chris Eimen, Jack Maddock, Rama Fire, Jimmy Kleoudis, Keith Gower, Paul Kintner, Superfly, Brett McKown, Beeler Van Orman, Dan Closser, Chase Hawk, Eli Platt, Cody Clary Clary, and Seth from Seattle. 

The way I would describe the video is something like my previous video “The Price is Right” but on steroids and more trail oriented.”
Video will be over at empirebmx.com sometime soon.