All good things take time! Standard just dropped this new John Rodgers video that took about two years to make, but damn did it turn out good! Hit play to watch John get down at the Gnar Barn, the Margarita Ramps at the Standard warehouse, Ramp Riders, that crazy park inside a church and more! John has a dialed bag of tricks that he knows how to put to good use, and he does just that for this one. Add in a few Rick Moliterno clips for good measure and you have a video you can’t pass up! Check it!

John Rodgers and MurderBike teamed up to make a quick edit for John’s 30th birthday. That “quick edit” turned out to take almost two years to make due to John getting hurt and MurderBike having surgery for an injury. They stuck to their goal of getting it finished and here it is, enjoy!

Filmed & Edited by @murderbike” – Standard