It seems like every day we’re coming across around rad podcast! We’re not sure how we missed this one until now, but Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs fired up their Space Brothers Podcast that has already fired out 15 episodes! We just came across this new one with Matt Coplon where he talks about his work at Profile Racing and the brand as a whole, riding at 41, traveling, music and more! Matt is a super interesting guy, so hit play and take this all in. If you’re digging this, make sure to check out the other Space Brothers episodes that already came out!

When it comes to American made BMX companies they’re hard to come by. One of the most popular component companies in BMX is none other than Profile Racing. Throughout the years many of us have had a set of Profile cranks, hubs, or a stem on our bike. Many top pros run Profile components as well. From X Games gold medalists, to your buddy on the other side of town. Profile is hard to ignore when you’ve been in the BMX game for any period of time. They’ve sponsored every type of rider, from dirt and park, to street and flatland, to vert and racing.

The man behind the scenes that keeps things rolling smoothly is Matt Coplon. Matt’s spent the last 20 years with the company. First as a sponsored rider, and the last 17 years as the team manager. Matt stopped by the Master Blaster Planet studios to talk about his daily routine as team manager, why being a rider is important to his job, what got Profile into BMX after initially being involved in the auto racing industry, some of his favorite components created over the years, keeping up with the team riders demands, running Profile’s social media, continuing to push his own riding at age 41, and special relationships he’s formed with other riders over the years.

So get comfortable, crank up your speakers, and get to know one of the hardest working team managers in BMX… Matt Coplon” – Space Brothers Podcast

Matt Coplon Space Brothers Podcast