The scene over in Amsterdam is always on it when it comes to throwing some amazing jams. Here’s a video from their latest that Soulcycle and BountyHunters threw! The turn out was massive, the spots were endless, and the weather was perfect. Hit play to check out all the riding and good times that went down!

BMX is happening in the streets of our capital city A-M-S-T-E-R-D-A-M! Heavy riding went down during the jam and it was great to see that so many riders showed up. Bonding time for sure!

“The Soulcycle x Bountyhunters BMX Street Jam was beyond lit! Thanks everyone for the support. Vibe was on fire and peaceful at the same time. Riders from the United States of the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Morocco, Germany and even the USA showed up.”

Video by: Halux Visions @soulcyclebmx @bountyhunters.v2

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