Here’s some news we hope most of you saw coming! After absolutely crushing it for the past few years, S&M Bikes have given Hobie Doan the well deserved bump on up to the PRO TEAM! Here’s his welcome video as he goes to work slaying spots around Oregon to give you plenty of reasons just why he has earned the spot. Hit play and enjoy!

There’s been talk of giving Hobie the bump for some time, but when he and Booty (a.k.a. Stephan August) banged out this sick little piece in Oregon over just a few days earlier this month, it was obvious the time was now. Introducing your newest S&M Pro Team member – Mr. Hobie Doan!

Rider: Hobie Doan
FIlmed & Edited by: Stephan August
Music: “Drifting for Hospitality” by Jesus on Heroine” – S&M Bikes