It’s crazy to think that it has been two years since Scotty Cranmer‘s accident that nearly left him paralyzed for life. Scotty put together a video giving a full recap of all the highlights from the past year as he has made more and more progress as he’s getting his life back! Hit play and take a look! We can only imagine what this coming year will bring for Scotty!

It has been two years since my life changing accident, my whole world was flipped upside down when I broke my neck and had a head injury while riding my BMX bike in Las Vegas, Nevada. After being in a wheelchair for months I was able to get strong enough to get back on my feet and then I eventually defied the odds and I got back on my BMX bike! In the second year of my recovery I have made huge strides and my life is becoming more normal by the day and I am getting better on my BMX bike constantly. I am proud of my recovery and I am excited about my future! Thank you everyone for the continued support!” – Scotty Cranmer