Here’s a new one from Scotty Cranmer for you to check out! This time around he throws it back to 2011 when he dropped a hammer of a video for Monster Energy! In this video, Scotty talks us through all of the tricks with details and stories about what went into the clips, which gives it a really interesting perspective. Take a look. We’ve also re-embedded the original video below for you to check out as well!

I review one of the best videos parts I ever did riding my BMX bike at a professional level and tell stories about the tricks and also pick out my favorite tricks and explain why they were so important to me! I show one of the scariest drop ins that I ever did on my bike and explain how it worked out! I love doing these videos for my youtube subscribers because I know that everyone misses my riding and it is also feels amazing reliving these memories with everyone!” – Scotty Cranmer