We’re always psyched to see some footage of Scotty Cranmer catching a session! For Scotty’s latest video, he hit up Princeton Skatepark with Brooklyn and Big Boy and decided to pull the bike out and get some riding in as well! Scotty catches some air and tackles the stairs in this one, and it looks like he had better luck than last time he rode this place!

We took a trip to Princeton Skatepark and the last time I rode my bike there I had to take a trip to the hospital so I didn’t really get a chance to ride my BMX bike at the skatepark at all, but this time I had an awesome day riding my bike and I even jumped one of the ramps and did a trick for the first time since my accident! Big Boy and BK both were riding the skatepark and did some awesome tricks like 180’s, tail whips, and flairs!” – Scotty Cranmer