Scotty Cranmer coming through with a fresh video from a day of riding he got in with Big Boy, Brooklyn and a few locals at the Maple Shade Skatepark! This one has a bunch of great riding! Once again Scotty is back on the bike in this one and takes a tumble, but gets back up to get things going again! Always stoked to see the progress Scotty is making every day!

We went to maple shade skatepark and we had an awesome time riding with the local BMX riders! Big Boy did a flair challenge with a bee on his grip, and BK did nearly 100 tail whips, and we met a rider that was inventing new tricks right in front us! Big Boy had a trick contest between him and the locals and we need you all to vote in the comments who you think the winner is! I got on my bike and tried to ride the skatepark and I fell riding up the ramp so I got back on the bike and challenged myself to make it up the ramp on my own!” – Scotty Cranmer