When it comes to buying a BMX bike for the first time, there’s A TON of details to consider when you’re trying to find the best bike for you whether it’s size, color, the level of components, chromoly vs steel, price, sealed bearings vs unsealed, straight cable, gyro, seats, etc. Here’s a video Scotty Cranmer whipped up from his shop where Scotty, Matty Cranmer and Big Boy go through everything to help you figure out what bike is right for you and what causes the price to change! Check it out!

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This is the guide of how to buy a BMX bike! In this video we take you around my bike shop and show you all of our BMX bikes and we go over everything that you would need to know about buying beginner bikes and even custom bikes that can cost $1,000. We also talk about the different sizes of the bikes and which sized rider should be on which sized bikes! We love BMX and we want to help everyone learn how to buy the bike of their dreams!” – Scotty Cranmer