It’s been a little while since everyone was doing everything they could to get the lightest bike possible since, well, it’s expensive and it usually doesn’t equal a stronger bike. It’s still really cool to see what can be done with a bike, and Brooklyn has always been on a mission to do just that. Scotty Cranmer took a trip back to his shop and took a closer look at Brooklyn’s brand new bike with a titanium frame and titanium and magnesium parts galore. There’s still a few things he could do to make it lighter like pulling the brakes off or doing a titanium bars and fork, but there’s not a lot much more for weight that can be shed off this rig without completely giving up strength. Take a look! This is one very light (and expensive) bike.

I am back home in New Jersey for the first time in 3 months and I am stopping by my bike shop to check on everything and say hi to my friends! Also Brooklyn finally got his very rare, very light and very expensive titanium BMX bike built up and the bike is amazing! He is building the lightest bike possible and I was shocked to see just how light he got it to! He wants to build the lightest BMX bike ever!” – Scotty Cranmer