BMX/Scooter/Nitro/world’s first addict Ryan Williams has found a new deal with the Hyper/Snafu family and got a quick video together at his home park in Australia. You can tell Ryan’s been riding this place since he was a kid, he’s definitely got the place dialed!

“What can you say about Ryan Williams (R Willy) This crazy kid joined the circus. He is full time athlete for Nirto Circus. He travels this planet performing worlds first on a nightly basis. Comment below if he’s ever performed in your hometown we would love to hear your story. In between two of his shows I got to catch up with him in his hometown of Australia. Caloundra skatepark is one of Australia’s most well known parks for its massive Blue shade cloths at the local swimming pool and famous snack shop. Ryan has grown up at this park and has every line dialed on anything you stick under his feet. Skate boards, scooters or bikes and it’s very cliché but he does it all he is a freak, that’s why he joined the circus.
We are so happy to have him apart of the Hyper / Snafu family.”

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