Ryan Guettler teamed up with the Vans to host a freestyle event at the Vans skate park in Orange, California. The contest was open to every age and class with the goal of bringing all aspects of BMX together for a yearly celebration while showing support for Scotty Cranmer. The day long event included a mini ramp girls class, 40 and over legends class, a Cult rail jam, flatland, best trick, a Mat Hoffman high air, and more…

Filmed and Edited by @veeshermang



1. Hannah Roberts
2.Nina Buitrago
3. Nikita Ducarrot

12 & under:

1. Ryder Lawrence
2. Kaiden Viantoro
3. Mika Senegal

13 – 15 Beginner:

1. Jackson Goldstone
2. Brett Swartzlander
3. Luke Vanghan

16 and over Beginner

1. Seth Riley
2. Treyvyn Gibbs
3. Cameron Reeves

13 – 15 expert:

1. Max Vu
2. Charlie Winkelman
3. Tj Ettinger

16 and over:

1. Brad Maple
2. Trucker Smith
3. Jorgie Bazor

Pro Mini:

1. Larry edger
2. Pat Casey
3 Kris fox

Best Trick: Ryan Nyquist

High Air: Larry Edger

Style: Kris Fox

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