Take an inside look with Ronnie Napolitan at his road to recovery from two torn ACL’s.  Ronnie was dealt some adversity and handled it like a champ, deciding to have two simultaneous ACL surgeries in order to get back to riding faster is a true G move.  Determination pays off, I think its safe to say Ronnie will be back shredding harder than ever in no time at all.

“Every now and then I like to do a project that inspires me and others who will see it. If you have ever had an ACL tear you know it’s a nightmare, if you have ever had two – it feels like everything it’s over. Ronnie Napolitan decided to get both ACL’s repaired at once to minimize his chances of wasting time. He’s now close to fully recovered and it was all due to his commitment to himself and the help of those who love him.

Filmed and Edited by Jorge Jovel

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