The first section from Dave Raffa's "Roc Bottom" DVD, featuring Matt Smith, Nate Stahura and Peter Knapp.  There is a lot of BMX history in Rochester so it’s great to see something substantial coming out of that scene!

“This section offers a glimpse into the variety of riders within the Rochester scene. The transplant, the staple, and the young boy. Matt Smith, the transplant who had a brief residency in Rochester, brought some out of town flavor to the Roc. Matt has a keen eye for set ups, and a scrupulous attention to trick execution. He is a true BMX nerd and runs Nate Stahura, the staple, who on any given day can be spotted riding downtown. Nate has been piece of the Rochester scene for 20 years. He has seen the old guys fade away, the transplants come and go, and the young kids flourish. Riding scenes always evolve and it is valuable for it to have some staple figures to offer guidance. Finally we have the young boy, Peter Knapp. Peter is one of many young talented riders in Rochester. At 16 years old, there is a 17 year age gap between him and Nate. There is also a three stack height difference between them too. Enjoy.”