Rob Darden was just added to the Pusher Mailorder team and decided to start things off with a BANG!  Rob charges it through the streets, parks, and trails for this one, delivering some heavy hitting moves and one of the most well rounded edits I’ve seen in a long time.  But lets not sleep on the fact that Darden is also masterful with the tech moves too, the switch feeble 180 to full cab fuf (1:09) nearly made me spit my breakfast all over my computer screen.  THIS IS A MUST WATCH!  Shouts to Dan Foley for the dialed camera work!

“Stoked to have Rob repping our Mail Order company. Weve always loved Rob over here at Pusher hell we put him on the cover of an issue of Pusher when we had the mag. Either way, here is some all around bad ass riding from Rob. Filmed and edited by Dan Foley!”